Garcinia Cambogia Buying Tips

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit that’s grown in Asia and other areas of the world that’s been getting a lot of attention here in the U.S. Lately. Once Dr. Oz aired a show that featured a weight loss supplement in the form of an extract of this plant it instantly became popular and in demand. But with that, you get a lot of sub-par products and people just trying to ride the money train of the newest, fastest fat burner. So you have to be careful when buying garcinia extract.

Where You Can Buy Garcinia

buying-garciniaGarcinia cambogia can be found in most of the common stores and health stores, as well as online. So it’s not really a question of where you can buy it, but what you should look for when buying. First of all, read the label. Read the label. Read the label. Even if you’re buying it online you need to read the label before ordering it. Any reputable supplier will provide you that option. If you can’t read the label, don’t buy it. Period.

Check the ingredients. Make sure there aren’t a bunch of odd sounding ingredients, because if there is I can almost guarantee it’s full of filler ingredients and it’s not a quality product. Secondly, the label should clearly state how much HCA it contains. HCA is the “magical” ingredient that makes garcinia so powerful and you want to have a minimum of 50% HCA.
Keep in mind that the price shouldn’t be a major factor. The most expensive one isn’t guaranteed to be better than a cheaper one. But the cheapest isn’t necessarily a good deal, either.

Look for the following:

  • Minimum of 50% HCA clearly stated on the label
  • Look for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification
  • No suspicious looking filler ingredients
  • Potassium and/or calcium are good ingredients to have (they help metabolize the HCA)
  • Transparent pricing and a one-time purchase (not a monthly supply, NOT a free trial)
  • No questions asked money back guarantee with no “return authorization” required
  • Easy, clear contact details for the seller